PBATM Products

The PBATM is a SaaS model. You can add the software to an existing ATM remotely. We direct the users to your PBATM enabled ATM. We also have complete hardware and software solutions for you to manage or we can place the hardware and software.

Have a need to accept cash online? Have to payout in real time to remote areas? Contact us today for a demo.

CardLess Options with PBATM

HOW IT WORKS: The consumer chooses the CardLess option on the PBATM enabled ATM, chooses load (on PBATM equipped with a side loader) or withdraw, enters their Account number & 4 digit PIN and adds cash or enters amount to withdraw.The funds are available in real time for loads to the pbCash.com wallet or the withdrawal happens from the ATM via any established account connected to the PBATM network. PBATM enhances the normal ATM transactions by providing the benefits of the CardLess load and withdraw features!

The PBATM has additional functions that can be used for a great user experience. A QR scanner can be used to populate the accounts, an API for remote authorizations to the PBATM via your Smartphone and pre-set thresholds for PBATM withdrawal limits, just to name a few.

The PBATM also works with third party transactions. A perfect example is with the MoneyGram receive. A customer receiving a MoneyGram can have it made available for a PBATM withdrawal (via pbCash.com). Receive your MoneyGram transfer and use the PBATM to withdraw some or all of your funds.

PBATM on your ATM

We supply the PBATM software for your ATM. You add the software and start earning revenue. It's that simple. We can also sell you a PBATM enabled ATM.


PBATM Complete

We supply the PBATM enabled ATM, with or without the loading side car. When you supply the cash and its' management; we all share the revenue.


PBATM In The House

PBATM does it all. You have a need and a location. We do all the work on the PBATM to keep the traditional ATM and the PBATM all running smoothly.