No Bank Needed

PBATM enables both non-banked and banked to use the platform


Best Security

PBATM meets all industry standards to secure the PBATM transactions


PBATM in the House

FI's & ISO's, enhance your customer experience and increase revenue


About Us

We Solve
Cash Access Problems

PBATM is a team of Award Winning engineers, designers and executives. We not only built the software, we also built the hardware to prove it worked. The PBATM team has now expanded to offer the solution to everyone. Contact us today to for a demo.

Cash in and Cash out. PBATM enables the consumer to deposit to an account and to withdraw from an account without plastic. We work with FI's and stored value solutions (e-wallets, gift, loyalty, rewards and employers) to enhance the ATM functionality while increasing revenue.

Disaster Relief/Insurance Pay Out

Use the PBATM platform to pay out in real time to those in need
With or without a bank account!

Smart Phone Access

The consumer and administrative functions are fully accessable across all mobile devices.

Add Funds to an Account in Real Time

To pay bills or to make that finance payment. Consumers love the convenience of a nearby PBATM.
Many PBATMs have bill recyclers to accept bills in any denomination.

Easy to add to your ATM Fleet

Full API driven host access. Processor and hardware supported.

Turnkey PBATM...

Don't have an ATM. Have a need for CardLess access? We can supply the PBATM and everything that goes with it.

CASH Stats

24.8 Million

How many bank notes the US Mint prints Daily (and increasing)


Percentage of Mexicans that prefer to use CASH

2,359 Billion

Almost 50% of American Spend done in CASH annually

90 %

Of retail transactions are in CASH in Poland


Our Work